Marriage testimony

Twenty-nine years ago, a woman who looks exactly like me gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She and her husband brought their new baby girl home to California’s San Fernando Valley to begin living the first years of her life.

Yes! You guessed it…It was me, Alisa! I spent my days as a young child finding any way to get my clothes as dirty as possible. I played outside until my mom would drag me inside, kicking and screaming. One day, confined to the indoors, I decided to jump off the couch, flip over it, and land on my bottom. Terrified, my parents decided that if I was going to jump and flip off of things, then they should help me learn how to do it right, so into gymnastics I went. I had found my purpose in life. And, like most great gymnasts, I genuinely believed that if I tried hard enough, I could fly. For almost six years, my life was consumed with flipping, tumbling, vaulting, balancing, stretching and saluting, and I loved it! Continue reading Marriage testimony